We here at Fishbowl are big supporters of the new generation of emerging younger poets.

However, as much as we would love to, it is not possible for us publish a book by everyone we receive submissions from. As a result we have decided to start an online poetry and art magazine / blog. This magazine will focus mainly on being a platform for younger writers, however, we will happily consider writings from established writers too.

There is no specific criteria for submissions, we are not setting a theme or having limitations on length. We will happily publish a piece that has been published elsewhere, and will not stop you from submitting it elsewhere (However, please be aware that some other publishers will not print previously published work)

The long term plan is to release a six monthly physical magazine, showcasing great writing and art from the region.

Please read:

  • We will give priority to younger writers (15-25)

  • Although we appreciate any style of poetry or form, we are specifically looking for modern free verse, the more experimental the better

  • Please send no more than 3 poems, and please do not submit multiple times

  • Poems must be sent via a word document to and each poem should include a title, your name, age, city of residence and a contact email address. Any poem missing these details will automatically be disqualified.

  • By submitting, you are giving Fishbowl Publishing permission to use your poem online (via the website and social media) and in print.

  • We can not provide individual feedback for poems

  • We reserve the right to make changes to the layout of a poem




Previous Submissions


Fishbowl Publishing will be launching their first anthology in 2018 , working alongside St. Giles and Staffordshire Poet Laureate Emily Rose Galvin.


The theme of the anthology is based around prompts given to us by St. Giles Hospice as a series of postcards filled in by the wider community. (See prompts and examples here) 

The anthology will feature 4 or 5 of these prompts as chapters with poems based on the subject matter or directly concerning one of the post cards themselves. The aim is to create a collection that is uplifting and thoughtful. 

The book will be available in St. Giles Hospices', charity shops and online, with all profit going directly to the charity. There will also be launch events across the region to coincide with dying matters week, offering participants the opportunity to perform.

Submissions No Longer Open

Submission guidelines:

-Applicants are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 poems based on whichever of the themes they choose

-Poems should be no longer than 40 lines (Any poems over 40 lines may be instantly disqualified or subject to editing)

-Submissions should be emailed to

-Entries should be presented as an attached word document, titled with your name, email address and the prompt that you wish the poem to be submitted to

The prompts we are looking at are:

-'Before I die, I want to...'

-'I want to be remembered'

-'My funeral song'

-'...makes life worthwhile'

-'...scares me'

Closing date for submissions is Janurary 17th 2018, after which time all entries will be read and all submissions will be responded to. We are not charging for people to submit, however, we would ask that applicants like our Facebook page and share the submission post. 


We are looking for a diverse range of ages, styles and interesting ways to look at the subjects. 


About st Giles

Prompt cards